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Marmoleum flooring is made with natural ingredients without any harmful VOCs or other toxic chemicals. Available in a wide choice of colours, it is ideal for commercial applications including healthcare and retail as well as in an educational and corporate environment. Marmoleum products combine functionality and design, providing you with optimal flooring solutions for any kind of building.

Marmoleum is extremely durable and simple to care for. It is naturally anti-static which makes cleaning easier as dust cannot cling to the surface. As a result marmoleum improves life for people with asthmatic allergies and similar disorders. It is resistant to bacteria as it provides a self-sanitizing quality in the form of a bactericidal effect.  Testing has shown that a sterile zone around the material inhibits the growth of organisms such as staphylococcus aureas and Clostridium difficile which cause common hospital infections.

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