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The system is designed for heavy traffic and moderate industrial use, combining unparalleled longevity with great aesthetics and is available in a multitude of colours.

By using our unique blend of colour,
we can provide granite or marble style floors in a fraction of the time
normally associated with the traditional systems.

Designed for heavy foot traffic and
medium industry, for example supermarkets, shopping centres, retail, hospitals,
stadiums, schools, mass-transit, bathrooms and other areas where aesthetics,
durability and cleanability are paramount.

Key features:

Decorative finish – great
aesthetics, UV stable and available in a wide range of colours.

1-2 hours cure time –
rapid installation and minimum downtime.

Slip resistant – our
floors exceed minimum safety requirements and can be tailored to each area.

High compressive strength
– excellent durability and cleanability.

Chemical bond/cure – a
truly seamless floor with no cold joints or risk of delamination.

Low emissions – our
products are solvent-free and contain very low VOC’s.

Long lasting – our floors
do not degrade, become brittle or porous with use.

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